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Wrap up warm and get out there to have an adventure in winter wonderland.


- Zakopane - winter capital of Poland -

Located just 100 km away from Krakow, Zakopane is a lovely town situated at the foothills of the majestic Tatra mountains. You can reach it within 2 hours from the closest airport (Krakow Airport). Zakopane gradually evolved from a little village to the region's health-resort. Nowadays it is one of Poland’s prime tourist destinations and retains a charm which also attracts thousands of foreign visitors. 





Zakopane region is well known for its unique wooden architecture with decorative style inspired by the regional art of Poland’s highland region. It is now considered a core tradition of the Góral (Mountaineer) people. 




Local cuisine freaks will definitely appreciate distinct taste of regional highlander dishes and products like „oscypek” - smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk or “moskole” – potatoe pancakes served with garlic butter. 








Unforgettable horse-drawn sleigh ride accompanied by flaming torches will be one of your best memories. Imagine yourself wrapped in a warm, cosy blanket admiring the beauty of Tatra snowy wonderland. At the end you will be welcomed with grilled sausages and warming aromatic mulled wine and of course a grand bonfire and lively highlander folk band. Gorgeus traditional folk outfits, spectacular dance and highlander robbers’ trials will make you feel the magic with all your senses.









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Beautiful snowy slopes and valleys in Zakopane area guarantee countless winter attractions. Skiing and snowboarding lovers will appreciate Polish most popular ski resorts. Snow-capped mountain tops are a perfect surrounding to feel the adrenaline rush when you try skitouring or avalanche training. For those bored with traditional trips we have a 3 hours long night trip on snowmobiles through snow-covered winter landscapes. You can also try snow rackets, crazy truck ride, sledge race, giant skis, ice fishing or husky ride.







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What can help you relax after a chilly day better than a hot bath? And how about a hot bath with a view over the Tatra Mountains? There are a few thermal pools complexes around Zakopane. They consist of indoor and outdoor swimming pools filled with thermal water at 34-39 degrees Centigrade. The water tapped from the depth up to 4000 meters has therapeutic values. Apart from hot baths you can also enjoy soothing saunas, SPA treatments, fun water slides or even a rope park stretched over the pools.






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Be charmed of winter wonderland in the Polish Mountains – feel invited to Zakopane!
























Tripple your life energy in TriCity 


Tri-City is an urban complex of three cities along the Bay of Gdansk by Baltic Sea.

Gdansk – a cosmopolitan city is the oldest of the three. The city is most known for its monuments and culture –  great history, merchants, ships, amber. Gdansk owes its present grandeur to a thousand year of Polish-German history. But it’s also here where the WW2 started. As the home of Lech Walesa, in 1980 it witnessed the birth of the Solidarity movement.




Gdynia – mostly associated with the port this maritime town is proud of its ships. This important harbour was built to challenge the power of Gdansk. it is hard to believe that some eighty years ago it was a small village. Nowadays the city hosts two important cultural events, the Polish Feature Film Festival and Summer Jazz Days.




Sopot – a fantastic holiday destination with sandy beaches and the longest wooden pier in Europe – over 500 m long, As it developed as a SPA resort it is a perfect place for those seeking relax and fun. With great modern SPA hotels, many cycle paths and nordic walking routes it attracts more and more nature lovers preferring active way of life.





Flight connections


SWEDEN - 1 regular flight connection (Stockholm Arlanda) + 3 other low-cost connections

NORWAY – 2 regular flight connections (Oslo) + 9 other low-cost connections

BELGIUM - 1 low cost connection (Brussels Charleroi)

THE NETHERLANDS - 3 low cost connections (Maastricht, Eindhoven and Groningen)

DENMARK - 1 regular flight connection (Copenhagen) +1 low cost connection

GERMANY - 2 regular flight connections (Frankfurt and Munich)+4 other low cost connections

FRANCE - 1 low cost connection (Paris Beauvais)

UK - 13 low cost connection (e.g. London – Stansted and Luton)

SPAIN - 1 low cost connection (Barcelona) + 1 seasonal low cost connection

ITALY – 1 low cost connection (Milan)





Recharge your batteries


Fitness on the beach

A perfect start of the day? Energy boosting jogging on the beach along the sea. Or maybe an early-bird tai-chi session by sunrise?

A perfect end of the day? An energetic zumba dance party or a calming yoga session by sunset.

Or maybe you prefer beach volleyball? Nordic walking? Cycling? Water sport? Take your pick. We got something  for you regardless if you are a fan of endorphine and burnt calories or listening to calming sea waves and inhaling  therapeutic iodine in harmony of body and soul.




Kayak sightseeing tour in Gdansk Old Town

City Sightseeing from a different perspective – relaxing does not rule out being active - how about chilling on a kayak while admiring the beauty of Gdansk Old Town? The Motlawa River is the most valuable treasure of Gdansk - it was the river that made it possible for the city to grow wealthy, it protected the city against the invaders, it was the heart of Gdansk.

Nowadays we can take you for canoeing with a guide to show you magnificent famous and little known corners of the old Gdansk. You will have a chance to see huge modern fortifications with The Stone Lock and the Port of Gdansk, while the crowning of our expedition shall be sightseeing the Main City. The Long Embarkment with its famous Gates, the Crane and the biggest Marine Museum exhibit – Soldek Ship. No crowds, no sore legs – just gentle floating and great views.

Three faces of the city: historical - with splendid architecture, industrial – with port and shipyard and environmental – with surprising nature and silence in the middle of big city.




Diving in the Baltic Sea wrecks

Diving in the Baltic Sea is exceptional as it's hard to compare this sea to other waters of the world. The green color of the water, often variable visibility and weather conditions require from the diver special preparation, knowledge and skills of diving.

Need a reason to go diving precisely here? The thing that is  attracting divers in this region of the world most is a huge amount of wrecks, some of them due to its uniqueness among the forefront of dive sites in Europe. Remarkably, the majority of wrecks have either not yet been discovered or very little is known about them. They lay at the full scope of depths from shallow, 2-3 m, to unexplored depths of over 90m. Many wrecks are known only from sonar graphs. 

The Gulf of Gdansk and the area from Hel to Leba will give you an opportunity to explore undiscovered part of the Baltic Sea history. Get your diving suit ready!




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Rest heavenly


Mera Spa Hotel**** in Sopot

  • · 45 spacious rooms with balcony and sea or park views and meetings rooms up to 210 pax
  • summer roof pool and heated outdoor Jacuzzis
  • relaxing spa treatments with elements of amber and sea alge


Mera Spa Hotel is above most for pleasure, even if you are on a business trip, somewhere in your head there is a temptation to go to the treatments, to relax in outdoor pools in warm water during chilly evenings and look at the sky. Food that is offered is international cuisine and Polish traditional.

Mera Spa Hotel wants to convey a modern Scandinavian feeling with a Polish twist. This means clean and natural materials, wood, stone, glass and concrete. It also means straight lines and pure sights.





Hilton Gdansk Hotel *****

  • 150 comfortable rooms, almost 600m ² of conference space and a unique Wellness & Urban Beach complex
  • picturesquely situated on the Motława River, in the heart of the Old Town, overlooking the landmark of Gdansk-the Great Crane
  • chosen as one of 20 the most interesting places worth visiting in 2011 by the New York Times

What makes Hilton Gdansk special? It is the swimming pool situated on the highest floor of the building, covered by a glass roof and connected with the unique Urban Beach summer terrace, from which you can enjoy a charming view on the Motlawa River and the Old Town.





Hotel SPA Faltom**** Gdynia

  • 111 spacious and comfortable rooms
  • 2 restaurants, Night Club and Bar
  • squash court, swimming pool with slides, bowling club with 4 lines and billiard
  • hotel terraces with sun loungers
  • SPA center with 24 beauty rooms
  • 10 conference rooms – the biggest one with capacity of 1000 people       

Spa Faltom Hotel**** Gdynia Rumia  is located 8 km from the city center of Gdynia and Baltic Sea and 25 km from Gdansk airport. Suitable location provides you a good access to Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and Hel Peninsula.

The Center of Welness & SPA – one of the biggest Spa centers in Poland. On the area of 2100 m2 with 24 beauty rooms offers the wide range of SPA stay packages and biological regeneration. 150 different SPA treatments will give you a chance to rest royally.





Quadrille Conference & SPA  - Gdynia

Quadrille conference & SPA Gdynia is an exclusive palace and park complex that combines the gifts of nature with history and modernity. A beautifully designed swimming pool is a place that you must visit during your stay.
Spa Centre offers range of slimming, beautifying and rejuvenating treatments. One of them is endermology - a type of a massage using the vacuum method. You can also try Sea Ritual or Red Vine Ritual (red wine soothes irritations and supplies body with energy).




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Take a bite of Baltic


Fit picnic on the beach

Are you a fan of healthy lifestyle? A perfect meal is a fresh smoothie stuffed with nutrients? Or a gluten-free cookie sprinkled with cranberries? We’ve got a treat just for you!

Imagine a blanket spread on warm sand, sea waves sound in the background, gentle breeze on your face and a delicious smell of fresh fruit and vegetable waiting for you to pick the right ingredients.

Banana-spinach-raspberry smoothie? Carrot-pineapple-orange juice? Strawberry-kale salad with nuts and lime dressing? Be my guest! Take your pick and prepare it yourself with our chef’s guidance. A few hints how to combine flavours and you will be surprised how easy it is to stay fit.




Slow Food

Close to nature, local and freshly made – perfect recipe for a fit treat

  • Breakfast markets – try some of the regional eco-delicacies on local breakfast markets which take place at spring and summer weekends. What should you expect? Meals prepared on spot, seasonal fruit and vegetable, homemade pastries, high-quality products from biologically clean areas. Baltic fish, local cheese, homemade bread and fruit preserves – all the best Baltic coast has to offer.
  • Eco fairs  - Looking for even more unique products? On eco fairs you will find products unavailable anywhere else – white bean butter with garlic and lemon, edible snails with wine and garlic butter, vegan sausages or hummus with fenugreek are just a few examples. Yummy!
  • Slow Food Festival – in summer Sopot hosts Slow Fest Sopot - slow food festival held on the longest wooden pier in Europe.
  • Many other markets scattered around TriCity where local farmers from the surrounding countryside offer ecological crops, fresh vegetables and fruits and homemade delicacies.




Fishing at the open sea

Sea fishing is an extraordinary adventure which guarantees special memories. The power of immensity of water, extreme adrenaline, the unusual atmosphere makes deep sea fishing so fascinating.

This activity is perfect for those who have already started their adventure with fishing and also for those who have never held a fishing rod in their hands. We guarantee that after this cruise everybody will become professional.

A whole day trip on the boat is a perfect way to spend your time in an active and amusing way. You can also just relax on the sunbeds and enjoy the weather.

After the cruise the crew will prepare a delicious meal with caught fish. Nothing tastes better than fresh fish caught all by yourself. You can also bring it to the smokehouse and smoke it on your own – it will taste like nowhere else!




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 Feel the power of Poland and explore TriCity - a breath of fresh air.